second shooter

When you opt for a 2nd shooter for your big day, that shooter is me :) I'm always happy to help - I love the more detail parts of the day. I do better in calm, Joe does better in chaos, haha! ...I'm a control freak and most parts of a wedding day aren't really controlled no matter how well planned out. Joe is your guy to make fast choices and work under pressure and knock it out of the park. I'm happy to take pictures of your flowers, cake, rings all that fun stuff that I normally don't get to do much of in my portrait sessions. In a nutshell, I like the "slow, quiet stuff" best. I also love all the emotional, weepy, sentimental moments because I'm a sap. A bonus for me is getting to working all day long next to my husband!

Below are some images I have shot and edited while second shooting for these amazing couples. If you'd like to see my husbands work, you can click "Weddings" from the menu bar above, or visit his website directly at